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We are pleased to introduce you to Lake County’s premier real estate team: The Pinnacle Group ~ Powered by ReMax Gold.

“The Pinnacle Group” name has dual meanings. The word Pinnacle can mean 1) A high, pointed piece of rock. Thus the triangle in the logo is representative of Mt. St. Helena, the impressive mountain that borders the south side of Lake County, providing beautiful vistas & stunning backdrop for our Middletown office.
Pinnacle also means “The highest point of development or achievement.”, and was named because our goal is to continue to elevate the standard by which real estate sales are conducted here in Lake County.
“Powered by ReMax Gold”, means that we are a part of the #1 Independently-Owned residential real estate company in California, with a network of over 1,275+ agents in 63+ locations in over 19 counties across the state! Additionally, we partner with the greater Re/Max Worldwide network of over 120,000 agents in over 100 countries! This allows for maximum exposure for your home, as well as the greatest network of homes for sale online.
We are also firm believers in giving back to our communities – locally & nationally. In addition to the many local charitable & youth sports programs that we support, we are proud to donate a portion of EVERY sale to the Children’s Miracle Network! In fact, ReMax Gold agents have donated over $420,000 to the local Children’s Miracle Network in the past 3 years!
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